Please label, in permanent marker, any item you send to school with your child.

    Although the school district will provide all school supplies for your child, some families may wish to provide their own unique school supplies:


    1. A bookbag large enough to fit a folder and a lunchbox

    Families in need of a bookbag should contact the School Counselor.  The District will provide one for you at no cost.


    Once you have your child's bookbag, please write the following information inside your child's bookbag:


    a. Your child's name and room number.

    b. Your child's parent, guardian, or support member's phone number for emergencies.

    c. Please check your child's school bag daily and remove all classroom and school notices each day.

    d. Please leave all personal toys, games, electronics, etc. at home. 

    e. The school is not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen personal items.


    2. A special take home folder

    a. Please write your child's name on the folder.


    3. Headphones or earbuds - The District will provide headphones; however, if you would like your child to have their own, please send them in a labeled ziplock bag.


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