• Shared Responsibility

  • See Something

    It is important that we all work together to teach our children the importance of being a Lion "UPSTANDER" in Lindenwold Schools. Everyone, regardless of one's age, can contribute to making our schools and community an even more wonderful place. As hard and uncomfortable as it can be, it is important to live by the "See Something - Say Something" rule. As a community, if we see, hear, or know about something that makes us feel uneasy or question right from wrong, we need to find and tell a trusted adult.

    To assist in this initiative, the Lindenwold School District has also adopted the STOP IT APP which is an online resource for our families and students to report concerns to us whenever and wherever they are!  More information will be forthcoming to all of our families.

    We are so proud of our Lindenwold Lions who continue to serve as role models by reaching out to the school or to other loved ones for assistance when they know someone who needs help.

    As always, we thank our families for supporting us. As we all know, sometimes doing the right thing is the hardest thing to do.

  • Rumor Control

    As we partner together, it is important to remind our students how posting rumors or sharing unverified information has the potential to incite public alarm.  

    In a time of heightened awareness and concern across our country, it is challenging for our children to manage their own emotions and make good decisions in stressful situations. As such, please talk to your children and emphasize that the ONLY person a threat, physical or mental health concern, or safety issue should EVER be shared with is a trusted adult – a family member, a support person, a law enforcement official, or an adult school staff member. 

    Our mantra is: if a student sees something, say something.  "Stop, Drop and Post" has never been part of that mantra.

    Social media is not the place to address and resolve timely and immediate safety / mental health issues. Not only does it have the potential to incite an unnecessary public alarm, but it also has the potential to delay the response time of first responders if the situation was in fact true. Our students need to understand how problems are best solved as well as the most effective way to seek mental or physical help in times of crisis.

    Please be aware of the school district's commitment to address specific actions and incidents that lead to the incitement of panic / public alarm among our community and schools. It is important for us all to respect and discourage students from engaging in conduct that disrupts the orderly and efficient operation of our schools and interrupts the optimal learning environment for all students and staff.