• 5511 - DRESS AND GROOMING (Update 8/2022)

    The uniform dress code for students in Pre-Kindergarten to grade four will be:


    •   Tan/khaki or navy standard "uniform" pants.

    •   Tan/khaki or navy skirts/skorts and jumpers.

    •   Tan/khaki or navy shorts may be worn.

    •   No denim will be permitted.

    •   All pants/skirts/shorts must be worn with the waistband at the waist.  No drooping pants.  Shorts, skirts, skorts and jumpers are to be fingertip length.


    •   Solid color/navy blue, pale blue, gold, pale yellow, or white.

    •   Golf-style shirts only i.e. polo style.

    •   No chest emblem.

    •   Long sleeve or short sleeve.

    •   No denim.

    •   Shirts bearing the school logo, approved by the school, may be worn.

    •   Long sleeve same color solid turtlenecks/t-shirts may be worn under uniform shirt.


    •   Solid color/navy blue, pale blue, gold, pale yellow, or white.

    •   Crew or V-neck.

    •   Cardigan.

    •   Zippered/crew neck sweatshirts in above colors may be worn over but not instead of a regular shirt.

    •  Hoodies may be worn as long as they are Lindenwold Spirit Wear Hoodies, including the Lindenwold Name or Lindenwold Mascot.  


    •   Jewelry and watches are permitted.  Over-sized chains or excessive jewelry are not permitted.  Chains worn at the waist are not permitted.


    •   Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times, such as shoes, sneakers, etc.  All foot wear must be secured to the student's feet.  (Flip-flops, slides, or thongs are not permitted for safety reasons.)

    •  Crocs are NOT permitted as they are worn as slides by students.  


    •   Hats, sweatbands, bandannas, head covers or picks are not to be worn in the building.  The only exceptions are for medical or religious reasons.  Both exceptions require official documentation.

    •   Sunglasses or glasses with dark lenses may not be worn in the building without a doctor's note.

    •   Outdoor garments, coats, jackets, windbreakers, warm-up jackets, hats, and gloves may not be worn in the building after the homeroom bell rings.  Students are expected to keep these in their classrooms for colder days.