• Counselor Corner

  • Lindenwold Middle School Counseling

    The Lindenwold Middle School Counseling program provides support to all students. Our main focus is to work with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and the community for the betterment of each and every Middle School child. All students are assigned a counselor who assists them in their emotional and social development by helping them to understand themselves, to make the best of their abilities, to know the educational and career opportunities available to them, and learn to be mature and responsible decision makers. Counselors also work with other members in the school and community in order to provide special services for students. All counselors maintain confidentiality with all students, families, and school community members.

    School Counseling Department Services

    • Consultation with parents/guardians
    • Monitoring student's academic progress
    • Coordination of Homebound Instruction
    • Student registration and course selection
    • Educate students in Conflict Resolution Skills
    • Consultation with School-Based Administration and Related Services
    • Coordination of Building Intervention Committee
    • Consultation with Child Study Team
    • Coordination of School-Based and State Assessments.

    Middle School Counseling Department
    TEL: 856-346-3330
    FAX: 856-346-1601

    Leana Sykes
    741-0320 Ext. 1010


    April Reid-Bey
    346-3330 Ext. 2317


    5th Grade
    Ms. Jennifer Bailey
    346-3330 Ext. 2119

    6th Grade
    Ms. Laura Keen
    346-3330 Ext. 2118

    7th Grade & Homebound
    Mrs. Cherie O'Neill-Tittermary
    346-3330 Ext. 2320

    8th Grade

    Mrs. Kimberly Rapattoni
    346-3330 Ext. 2321

    Student Assistance Counselor (SAC)
    Mr. Daniel Anderson
    346-3330 Ext. 2309