Attendance and Truancy 

    It is important for students to be on time and attend school regularly to receive the best possible education. 


    Lateness to School 

    Students who are late to school must sign in at the Attendance Office where they are issued a pass to class. A student that is not in homeroom by the appropriate start time will be considered late. When an upper school student arrives after 10:25 a.m. or a lower school student arrives after 11:05 a.m., that day will be counted as a full-day unexcused absence. There are specific consequences laid out in  the Code of Conduct for continued tardiness. If lateness continues to be an issue, the administration will work with parents and the students to develop an attendance plan to try to get the students to school on time.


    Early Pickup 

    Students who require an early dismissal from school must submit a dated written note from a parent or guardian to the attendance office prior to the beginning of the school day. The note must contain a way to contact the parent/guardian during the day and requires a signature for verification. Early pickup requires proof of identification and the person must be on the school pickup list


    Attendance Requirements 

    Pursuant to NJSA 18A:38-25, the Board of Education has an obligation to require regular school attendance in order to ensure that each student receives the maximum benefit of a thorough and efficient education. Every student should strive to be present every day. 

    Recording student attendance is the responsibility of the school. If a student is in danger of non-compliance with attendance requirements, a letter of notification will be mailed to alert the parent or guardian. 


    Types of Absences 

    It is understood that absences from school are sometimes unavoidable for a number of reasons. A note should accompany a student when the student returns to school. Absences for the following reasons are considered excused and will not be counted against the allowable limit of absences:

    • An excuse for religious holidays

    • “Take Our Children to Work Day” or other rule issued by the Commissioner

    • Participation in observance of Veterans Day

    • The closure of a busing district that prevents a student from having transportation to the receiving school.

    Absences not mentioned above, including vacations, will be considered unexcused absences from school. Parent notes are considered an unexcused absence. Students who accumulate 5 or more absences will receive a warning and documentation from the attendance office. Students who reach 10 or more absences will be sent documentation concerning potential truancy. Those who exceed 18 or more absences will be considered fully truant and referred to the township courts for individual review.


    Attendance Procedures 

    In the event that your child is absent from school, you will receive a Blackboard Connect call notifying you of the absence.

    To avoid being sent this message, please contact the Attendance Office in advance at (856) 346-3330 ext. 2338. 


    Excessive Absenteeism 

    In addition to the Blackboard Connect messages, letters will be sent home after the 4th, 7th, 10th, 15th and 20th unexcused absences indicating that the maximum number of unexcused absences is being approached.

    Excessive tardies may be referenced in the attendance letters as excessive lateness to school and may result in your child being retained or being required to attend summer School

    At 15 unexcused absences, parents will be referred to truancy court for further legal action. At 20 unexcused absences, a final letter will be sent explaining that the student has reached the maximum number of days permitted, and after 20 unexcused absences, the student may be retained or required to attend summer school. It is parents’ responsibility by law to assure that students attend school regularly.