• June 8, 2023

    Dear Lion Families,

    The Lindenwold School District will operate on a half-day schedule on Friday, June 9, 2023.  We will continue to monitor the air quality situation for next week.  Here are some important pieces of information that you will need to know at this time:

    Due to the need to continue to close the HVAC dampers, the District will run on a half-day schedule tomorrow.  The school day will begin at normal time and conclude at:

    Preschool – 1:50 pm

    School 4 – 1:25 pm

    School 5 – 1:25 pm

    LMS Gr. 5/6 – 1:05 pm

    LMS Gr. 7/8– 12:25 pm

    LHS – 12:10 pm


    1. The Elementary After-School Champion Program is open today; however, it will be closed tomorrow, too.

    2. ALL Lions are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to wear a mask when outdoors.  PLEASE consider sending your child to school with a mask so they have one when outside.

    3. All outdoor activities and recess have been cancelled for today and will be cancelled for tomorrow.

    4. Throughout today and tomorrow, all classroom windows will remain closed in our school district.

    5. Indoor activities are permitted to continue as communicated by building principals.


    Additional Important Information:

    Family Surveys due 6/16/23:

    Family Surveys are now available.  Please take a few moments to complete the survey. We have created a video in Spanish to assist families with the survey. You can listen to the video, follow along, and complete the survey. The surveys in English and Spanish and Spanish video can be found below:


    June is Pride Awareness Month:

    Based on current events in the media, our families may be interested to know how the Lindenwold School District is addressing Pride Awareness as well as our NJSLS Health Standards at our elementary grade levels.  Please review the attached letter for more information.  We value our developmentally appropriate instruction and please know our grade K – 4 instruction focuses on respecting individual differences of others and being kind to others even if they are different than ourselves.  Our instruction focuses on students as individuals.

    Letter: June is Pride Awareness Month

    To translate this letter in Spanish, please visit the following curriculum link and click on the TRANSLATE button at the top of the page:


Dr. O'Neil's introduction to the dress code changes for LHS: