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    American Rescue Plan- ESSER Use of Funds
    Lindenwold is a recipient of the American Rescue Plan-- ESSER grant.  You can find our plan for using ARP-ESSER funds here.  We look forward to being able to put our plan into motion and implement it over time.  Please email Dr. Mancinelli with any questions.

    You can also access our October 4, 2021 BOE presentation detailing our ARP-ESSER Plan here.

    All members of the Lindenwold staff are collectively responsible for developing, delivering, and monitoring a first-class system of curriculum, assessment, and instruction. We believe that all teaching and learning must rest on a well-developed, standards-aligned curriculum foundation that provides our answer to the question, "What should students learn?" We use our system of district, school, and classroom assessments to monitor student progress towards learning targets, and work continually to improve our ability to use instructional best practices to make sure students learn the curriculum, and respond appropriately when they struggle. 

    Our BOE Seminar provides a comprehensive overview of our performance, planning, and vision. The below presentation covers the 21-22 school year.  Seminar typically occurs in August and the presentation covers the previous year.

    BOE Seminar 2021-22

    Recent BOE  Meeting or Other Relevant C&I Presentations

    Academic Categories Grading Parent Support FAQ
    Academic Categories Grading Parent Support FAQ - Espanol

  • Dr. Marc Mancinelli

    Secondary Director of Curriculum and Instruction (Grade 5 - Grade 12):

    Dr. Mancinelli has served as Director of Curriculum and Instruction since 2014.  Before coming to Lindenwold he served as a teacher of English, supervisor, assistant principal, and NJDOE data specialist.  Dr. Mancinelli serves as president of the South Jersey Data Leaders Partnership (SJDLP), an organization that provides regional training, networking, and advocacy for educational data leaders.  He also is the current president of the Camden County Curriculum Consortium.  

    Dr. Mancinelli holds a doctorate in education with a concentration in teaching, learning, curriculum, and educational leadership. His research interests include educational policy implementation, learning theory, and how educators in different roles work with data.


  • Ms. Kathryn Agresta

    Elementary Director of Curriculum and Instruction (Grade PK - Grade 4):

    I am excited to serve as Elementary Curriculum Director of Lindenwold Public Schools.  It is an honor to serve your children and the community.  I received my Masters degree from Rutgers Graduate School of Education.  Through my experiences as a teacher, interventionist and principal I have made academic growth my focus.  While serving as principal in the Woodbury City and Florence school districts, I prioritized data-driven, individualized instruction.  Student learning should go beyond worksheets because true learning results from active thinking.  It is important that we as educators spark students’ natural curiosity about the world and facilitate creative thinking that will serve them well beyond the classroom.  

    As the mother of two daughters, Ava (14) and Carly (12), I have learned the importance of treating each child as an individual with unique set of experiences, perspectives, and learning styles.  I will treat your children with the same love and compassion as I treat my own children.  Great schools are a result of great teachers, supportive parents, passionate administrators and a caring community.


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