• Your student’s daily attendance is critical to their educational well-being. Missing 10%, or 2 days a month, over the course of the school year, can affect a student’s academic success. Lindenwold Public Schools are committed to partnering with families on matters of attendance to ensure continuity of classroom instruction. Please refer to Board Policy 5200 for detailed information regarding this matter. 


    Important Notes: 

    • A parent or adult student shall provide advance notice to the school prior to the student being absent from school. Absences will be deemed “excused” in accordance with Board Regulation 5200. 

    • Students that are absent from school for any reason are responsible for the completion of assignments missed because of their absence.

    • Prolonged or repeated absences, excused or unexcused, from school or from class, may result in retention at grade level or loss of credit or removal from a course. 

    • Unexcused absences from school or from classes within the school day may subject a student to consequences that may include the denial of a student’s participation in co-curricular activities and/or athletic competition.

    • No student who is absent from school for observance of a religious holiday may be deprived of any award or of eligibility for or opportunity to compete for any award because of the absence.

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