The Uniform Dress Code for Physical Education (PE):  Students will follow this procedure for physical education days and classes.

    Elementary School:

    •   Elementary school students will be asked to wear sneakers with their uniforms on their PE days.  They will not change out of their uniform.

    Middle School and High School:

    •   High School and Middle School students will be asked to change into appropriate gym attire listed below for their Physical Education classes.

    •   Plain Navy Blue or Yellow T-shirt.

    •   Solid Navy Blue or Yellow athletic shorts (must be 2 inches from knee cap).

    •   Navy sweat pants and sweatshirts may be worn over the uniform if students are going outside (no hooded sweatshirts).

    •   Sneakers (athletic style with laces) and socks (no platform type shoes, boots, sandals, or flip-flops).

    •   No jewelry may be worn.  Gauges must be secured.

    •   School issued sports or club clothing may not be used.