1. The initial report of a HIB may be made verbally, using the Stop-It App, or in writing to a staff member.  That staff member must report it to the building principal on the SAME day.  

    2.  The Principal or designee will inform the parents of ALL students involved in the alleged incident.  If a parent did not complete a report (HIB 338), the parent will be informed about the report and provided an opportunity to also submit their report in writing.   

    3. After reporting the HIB to the Principal, the staff member has TWO SCHOOL DAYS from the initial report to put the complaint in writing using HIB 338. The new forms (HIB 338) must be used. 

    4. If the STOP-It App report is used OR a verbal report is taken, the staff member who receives the report should use the HIB 338 form to transfer the information - even if the parent did not complete the HIB 338 form.  

    5. The form (HIB 338) is then sent to both the Principal AND Superintendent.

    6. The designated Anti-Bullying Specialist will begin investigation within ONE SCHOOL DAY of the Principal receiving the initial report. The specialist then has TEN SCHOOL DAYS to complete the investigation. The District will use the HIBSTER Online Tool.  The HIB 338 forms should be uploaded into HIBSTER once they are completed.

    7. If it is a complicated investigation, the Principal may appoint additional personnel to assist in the investigation.

    8. Findings must be submitted not longer than TEN SCHOOL DAYS from the date of the written report of the incident.

    9. If not already applied, the Principal may proceed in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct based on the investigative findings. *Note: The Principal may apply the Code of Conduct at any point during this process he/she feels is appropriate.*

    10. The Principal will report the findings to the Superintendent within TWO SCHOOL DAYS after receiving the completed report from the Anti-Bullying Specialist.

    11. The Superintendent shall ensure the Code of Student Conduct has been implemented and may decide to provide intervention services, order counseling as a result of the finding of the investigation, establish training programs to reduce harassment, intimidation, or bullying and enhance the school climate, impose discipline, or recommend other appropriate action including seeking further information, as necessary.

    12. The Superintendent will report the results of each investigation to the BOE no later than the date of the next regularly scheduled BOE meeting following the completion of the investigation. 

    13. Following the BOE meeting, parents/guardians will be provided with information about the investigation within FIVE SCHOOL DAYS following the BOE meeting.

    14. A parent may request a hearing before the BOE after receiving the written information about the investigation.  The hearing shall be filed with the Board Secretary no later than SIXTY CALENDAR DAYS after the written information is provided to parents.

    15. The hearing shall be held within TEN BUSINESS DAYS from the date of the request.




    An Anti-Bullying Specialist shall be a guidance counselor, school psychologist, or other certified staff member trained to be the Anti-Bullying Specialists from among the currently employed staff in the school. 


    The school Anti-Bullying Specialist shall:

    a.         Chair the School Safety/School Climate Team as provided in N.J.S.A. 18A:37-21;

    b.         Lead the investigation of incidents of harassment, intimidation, or bullying in the school; and

    c.         Act as the primary school official responsible for preventing, identifying, and addressing incidents of harassment, intimidation, or bullying in the school.


    1. Receive records of all complaints of HIB that have been reported to the Principal.

    2. Identify and address patterns of harassment, intimidation, or bullying of students in school

    3. Review and strengthen school climate and policies of the school in order to prevent HIB

    4. Education the community including students, teachers, administrative staff, and parents/guardians to prevent and address incidents of HIB.

HIB Process & HIB Calendar / Timeline