• Lindenwold Public Schools is dedicated to making a renewed, concerted effort in the area of educational equity. The start of the 2021-2022 school year saw the formation of the district’s first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee, which convened multiple times throughout the year, to plan for and address issues under this umbrella. District leadership began equity training in the summer of 2022, and the district has plans to continue this training in this area with all staff members into 2023. 

    Feedback from all stakeholders, particularly our students, family, and community, will continue to shape the district’s work in this area. The district aims to create an inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds feel welcomed, valued, and celebrated. Our vision as the DEI committee enters its third year is to continue with our district-wide cultural celebrations, strengthen the educational resources used to teach about historically marginalized populations, and continue to increase equitable experiences for students and staff.  

    Please contact our district’s Community and Inclusion Coordinator, Mrs. Amber Callow, at (856) 741-0320 if you would like more information on the district’s work in this area.


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